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Our talent advisors offer personalized talent solutions to meet your needs. Our experts deliver creative, high-quality results and are committed to excellence. Contact us today to achieve your business objectives with our tailored talent solutions.

Our Services

Behavioral Assessments

Whether you are looking for a behavioral assessment tool that will help you hire the best fit for the job or looking to learn more about your existing staff to manage them more effectively, we can help.

Skills Testing

Knowing whether a candidate has the skills they say they do is critical.  We have over 800 standard tests plus the ability to customize tests.  We are your full service skills test provider.


The EleHire recruiting solution is a fully customized recruiting solution to each position and organization.  With deep-dive interviewing, a fully-developed job simulation, and regular communication, we are your go-to Recruiting/Interview solution.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Leadership is a critical component of any successful organization.  Unfortunately, leaders aren’t always what you need them to be.   We can help organizations maximize strengths, minimize challenges and coach leaders to develop those critical skills.    

Custom Surveys & Assessments

The Eleserv Design content hosting platform allows organization to measure their competencies through the use of custom individual assessment or 360/180 degree feedback survey, or any content that you organization has a need to host.

Team Development

 Effective highly functioning teams aren’t easy to achieve.  We can help you understand more about your teams and help you develop those key skills and traits that are missing from the team.  

Our Leadership

For us at Eleserv LLC, excellence is not just a goal but a commitment; one we live up to each day with every job we take up! That commitment starts with our leadership. Reach out today to find out how we can help you meet your business objectives through our tailored talent solutions!

Kelly Painter
Co-Founder and
Managing Partner

Kelly has over 15 years experience in Talent Management. She has a broad background in scoping talent solutions, implementation planning, delivery of services, and strategic planning on behalf of her clients. As a solutions provider, she has been able to deliver real business results to customers, while leading and developing a high performing team of sales and service professionals. Kelly loves the opportunity to strategize with her clients to provide solutions that will have a real impact on the bottom line. When she is not at work, Kelly loves the opportunity to get out on the river in a kayak and enjoy the great outdoors.

Dwight Crain
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Dwight has over 20 years experience in Talent Management and Service Management. He loves to look at a problem and find a creative way to solve it.  His ability to see the root cause of an issue not just the symptoms helps him put together ideal solutions for his clients.  His passion is making sure each and every Eleserv client gets a world-class client experience and results that matter.  In addition to his work in the Talent Management space, he has also worked in Operations Management and systems integration. When Dwight is not having fun at Eleserv, he enjoys watching and playing every sport he can and takes every opportunity he can to give back to the community.

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