Skills Testing

Skills Testing

The Department of Labor estimates that one bad hire can cost up to 30% of the employee’s first year earnings.  

10% of candidates admitted to inflating their skills on their resume and 85% of recruiters admit that candidates inflate their skills so today is the time to assess skills before hiring a candidate.  

Discover the power of skills testing for hiring and development. Find the right talent and empower your team to enhance their skills with our tools. Eliminate guesswork, measure actual abilities, and make successful hires. Regular skills testing leads to growth and higher job satisfaction. Choose Eleserv, partnered with eSkill, offering a comprehensive catalogue of 1000+ subjects, from Attention to Detail to Zoom proficiency. Find the perfect test for your organization.

About Skills Testing:
  • Skills testing tools eliminate guesswork and measure actual abilities.
  • Regular skills testing helps identify areas for additional training and support.
  • Employee development leads to higher job satisfaction and improved workflow.
  • eSkill offers over 1000 different skills subjects, ranging from Attention to Detail to Zoom proficiency.
  • Eleserv offers a solution for upskilling employees and verifying skills.

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