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Transform your hiring process, find top talent. Customized recruitment services from Eleserv. Assess skills, experience, and cultural fit beyond resumes. Elevate your business with EleHire.

When you work with EleHire you get:
  • Fully vetted candidates that have more chance for success on the job
  • Less risk in the hiring process
  • A high level of communication along the way
  • A complete hassle free hiring process 
How it works:

We use in-depth interviews and job simulations in the EleHire hiring process to assess each candidate’s potential.
Our job simulations are tailored to mimic the position, culture, and organization to gauge their performance. With this approach, we provide fully vetted candidates who are more likely to be happy and productive employees in the long run.

EleHire Flow

Find Highly-Qualified Candidates with Ease and Confidence

Simplify and streamline your hiring process. Thoroughly vetted candidates. In-depth candidate package for informed decisions. Transparent ATS for employers and candidates. Identifying best-fit candidates based on leadership, culture, customers, and processes.

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